It has been announced that the first president of the Academy for the Mathematical Sciences, a UK-wide academy, will be Professor Alison Etheridge. Congratulations to Prof. Etheridge on this new role!

It is an exciting challenge to lead the academy through this crucial first three years, as it establishes itself as an authoritative and persuasive voice for the mathematical sciences.

Professor Alison Etheridge

The Academy for Mathematical Sciences

Also known as AcadMathSci, the creation of the National Academy is in response to a key recommendation made by the 2018 Bond Review, The Era of Mathematics, completed by Professor Philip Bond. The recommendation was one of twenty-six made within the review, based around the themes of Governance, Skills, National Resource & Infrastructure, Regional Support, and Government.

An Academy for the Mathematical Sciences should be established in order to facilitate links between academia, government and industry. The Academy should act as the focal point and coordinating centre for the community and draw on the deep expertise of the existing learned societies.

The Era of Mathematics, 2018 Bond Review

AcadMathSci has a mission to “benefit society through the power of mathematical sciences”. Alongside the focus of teaching and education, there will be a focus on ground-breaking academic research and “the implementation of mathematics in practice in industry, commerce, government”.

The appointment by the Academy’s Trustees of Prof. Etheridge to be the first President is a testament to her leadership skills and reputation as a community-builder across all of the mathematical science disciplines and more. It was noted how Prof. Etheridge was the “outstanding candidate in a strong field of very high-quality candidates”. She will be taking up the role on 17 June 2024, with her term lasting until the Academy’s AGM in Autumn 2027.

Her track record speaks for itself, in research, in community leadership, and in her ability to bring people together. She is well-placed to be President for our crucial first 3 years, as we seek to bring the Academy fully into being, with community support, and secure DSIT and other funding.

Nigel Campbell, Chair of the Academy for Mathematical Sciences

Future Academy Funding

On Monday 7th May, an open competition was launched by the government Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) for grant funding of up to £6 million. The Academy for Mathematical Sciences have been engaging with all of the DSIT processes and are taking part in the 4-week competition. They have the goal of being designated as the National Academy focused on Mathematical Sciences.

We’re ecstatic about Prof. Etheridge’s appointment as the first president. We wish her a success and smooth sailing in the role.

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