About our community

The Department of Statistics is a vibrant place to work and study. We feel enormous pride in the quality and the diversity of our research, as well as our community of researchers and academics. Our department is a place where people love working and learning together, where excellence is valued and strong relationships are built.

Our department has traditionally been very strong in both applications and biomedical science, as well as more recently in computational statistics and machine learning, all underpinned by the fundamentals of probability. Our research impacts daily lives in areas as diverse as protein folding, population genetics, epidemiology of Covid-19, disaster management or algorithmic fairness.  

Through our undergraduate and postgraduate teaching we are training the next generation through a rigorous education in modern statistics. Our academic staff have a strong commitment to quality teaching which reflects their world-leading research. The Department has around 270 students across undergraduate, taught graduate, and graduate research. Women represent 42% of our undergraduate students, 44% of our taught Master's students, and 27% of our graduate research students, and 63% of students come from 32 different countries outside the UK.

Our research and teaching is supported by a dedicated and talented support staff team, who are the drivers behind many of the operational requirements of the department. 

Our nurturing and friendly culture fosters belonging through a range of social activities from coffee and cake to games nights, all designed to bring people together. As a small department, we know each other and have a strong sense of community, and strive to ensure that everyone feels welcome. 


The department provides a working environment and culture that is very professional, while also friendly and welcoming. People are approachable, and willing to help and share knowledge and experience.