Guidance on identifying funding
Researchers within the department will often require funds in order to undertake research activities. These can come from a variety of places - they may be from a fund within the University or from an external source such as a national funding body, charity, or commercial partner.

If you need help identifying a suitable funding opportunity contact the Research Facilitator to discuss what options might be available.


Guidance on applying for funding
When appropriate funding has been identified an application will need to be created. The content of this will depend on the specific funder and it's important that the Research Facilitator is informed about an application as early as possible, as they can provide administrative support and project costings. All applications will need to go through both departmental and central university approval processes.

•    Overview of the research grant application process at Oxford
•    Department of Statistics Research Process Map (link forthcoming)

Grant management

Once a grant has been awarded, researchers will be required undertake activities such as management of project resources and budget, ensuring compliance with University policies and funder terms, and undertaking required reporting. Support will be provided by the Research Facilitator.

Summary for Principal Investigators on managing grant awards

Project Status and Activity (PSA) report.

Following the set-up of a grant, Principle Investigators will be sent monthly PSA finance reports. These provide summarised data on project budgets, actual and committed expenditure, and remaining funds.

More general guidance and support can be found on the Support for Researchers hub.

Open Access and Open Science

The University of Oxford academic community wishes to ensure the widest possible access to its world-class research. The value and utility of research outputs increases the more broadly they are available to be considered and used by others. A core component of this is open access.

Open-access (OA) literature is digital, online, free to access (including for those who do not have personal or institutional subscriptions to journals) and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions.  Oxford University, the Research Excellence Framework (REF) and major research funders all have policies that require researchers to make their work open access.

Reporting and Archiving 

Many funders will require researchers to undertake certain activities as part of any grant. During the course of a grant, and following its completion, reporting on research progress and outcomes will often be required by different stakeholders. Following the end of grant, funders may also have policies around the archiving of research data and outputs.

Research Data Management

Research data management is a general term covering how you organize, structure, store, and care for the information used or generated during a research project. Many funding bodies have requirements around the management of research data, its storage and how it should be shared.

•    Research Data Management policy
•    Research Data Oxford hub

Research Integrity & Ethics

Research ethics and integrity practices make sure that research is conducted according to the highest standards of practice, and with the minimal risk of adverse or harmful outcomes or consequences.

•    Research Governance and Integrity at Oxford
•    Research Ethics at Oxford