We welcome new industrial partnerships and are always willing to discuss new opportunities to link our world-leading research and academic excellence with industrial partners. 

Ways to interact

The Department of Statistics is a teaching and research centre, and benefits from the participation and interest shown by our industry partners. The benefits of being an industry partner include: invitations to public events; access to research and researchers; having your say and giving feedback; and ensuring the department's goals are in-line with the industry's future.

The Department of Statistics at Oxford University welcomes and encourages industry interaction through a variety of different approaches, and we are always interested in hearing about other ways in which industry would like to be involved. The list below details current examples of industry interaction however, it is not exhaustive and should you have other ideas about how we can work together please contact industry@stats.ox.ac.uk.

As an industry co-funder of students in the CDT programme we see benefits for the students in that they get an insight into the pharmaceutical industry, and in some cases can even have access to doing an internship in industry. Then for us as a company, it really helps us stay connected to academia, and to ensure that the challenges we face in our day to day clinical trials, these are known, and allows us also to potentially connect with future talent.

Janice Branson, Novartis