Congratulations to Prof Gesine Reinert who has been awarded the 2024 Bernoulli prize for an Outstanding Survey Article in Probability by the Bernoulli Society  alongside her co-authors Christophe Ley and Yvik Swan. The prize has been awarded for their paper "Stein's method for comparison of univariate distributions” published in Probability Surveys, vol 14, pages 1-52, (2017). 

The Bernoulli Prize for an Outstanding Survey Article is to recognize authors of an influential survey publication in the areas of probability and statistics, respectively. The paper should be timely in addressing areas of active or emerging importance, but have been in circulation long enough for there to be evidence of its impact.

I am humbled by the award but also very glad to see this joint work recognized. The paper has led to many developments not only in probability but also in the application of Stein’s method in machine learning.

Prof Gesine Reinert