James Dunbar is VP of Discovery Technology at BenevolentAI where he leads teams to build and maintain the Benevolent Platform™, an AI-enabled drug discovery engine that integrates multimodal biomedical at scale and uses it together with machine learning and data science techniques to augment the end-to-end drug discovery process. At BenevolentAI, he has led and contributed to the development of the Company’s core target discovery technology as well as led the successful collaboration with AstraZeneca to identify drug targets for chronic kidney disease. 

James holds an MPhys degree in Physics and a DPhil in Structural Bioinformatics, both from the University of Oxford. He then conducted postdoctoral research at MedImmune and Roche before joining BenevolentAI as a Bioinformatics Data Scientist in 2017. During his DPhil and postdocs, he developed a suite of computational tools to aid the analysis and design of antibody therapeutics that continue to be widely used by the computational antibody design field.