Wednesday 23 November 2022

Join us for our annual Postgraduate Open Day and find out all about postgraduate study. The open day will take place in person, and sessions will also be live-streamed.

Chat with current students and get information on the structure and content of the courses. You can find out how to apply for our Masters degree, and our doctoral programmes.

Our research activities encompass Computation Statistics & Machine Learning, Econometrics & Population Statistics, Probability, Protein Informatics, Statistical Genetics & Epidemiolgy and Statistical Theory & Methodology.


2.15pm Speak with current MSc students and tour of the department

2.30pm MSc in Statistical Science Presentation – (Course Director)

3.00pm Speak with current DPhil students and tour of the department

3.15pm Doctoral Studies in the Department of Statistics Presentation – (Director of Graduate Studies)

3.45pm StatML CDT Presentation – (Admissions Co-ordinator)

4.00pm Speak with current students and academics