Course materials for the current year of the BA/MMath Mathematics and Statistics can be found on the Maths and Stats Homepage on Canvas.

Below are the available courses for the year 2023-24 for undergraduate students studying Mathematics and Statistics and the MSc in Mathematical Sciences (OMMS). Some of these courses may also be available to undergraduate students studying Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science, and Mathematics and Philosophy. Course handbooks will detail which courses are available.

Part A Courses

  • A8 Probability
  • A9 Statistics
  • A12 Simulation and Statistical Programming (Maths and Stats students only)

Part A course page on Canvas.

Part B Courses

  • SB1.1 Applied Statistics (double unit with SB1.2, core course for Maths and Stats students)
  • SB1.2 Computational Statistics (double unit with SB1.1, core course for Maths and Stats students)
  • SB2.1 Foundations of Statistical Inference
  • SB2.2 Statistical Machine Learning
  • SB3.1 Applied Probability

Part B course page on Canvas.

Part C/OMMS Courses

  • SC1 Stochastic Models in Mathematical Genetics
  • SC2 Probability and Statistics for Network Analysis
  • SC4 Advanced Topics in Statistical Machine Learning
  • SC5 Advanced Simulation Methods
  • SC6 Graphical Models
  • SC7 Bayes Methods
  • SC8 Topics in Computational Biology
  • SC9 Probability on Graphs and Lattices

Part C/OMMS course page on Canvas.

For information on courses run by the Mathematical Institute, please visit their student resources pages.

Notices to Candidates