Zhixiao Zhu

DPhil in Statistics student

About Me

I am a DPhil student in the Department of Statistics at the University of Oxford, supervised by David Steinsaltz and Maria Christodoulou. In general, my research focuses on plant population dynamics in stochastic environments by incorporating Gaussian Process models. In particular, I am also interested in applying advanced simulation methods, like Particle filters for static or time-series models, and Bayesian methods, like Approximate Bayesian computation methods, to population modelling methods. Before joining Oxford, I completed my BSc in Statistics at University College London, where I created an R package with Paul Northrop for the following students in the department to study Markov chains. I then moved to Oxford to study for an MSc in Statistical Science and stayed on for the DPhil.

Research Interests

  • Integral projection model
  • Approximate Bayesian computation methods
  • Gaussian process models
  • Sequential Monte Carlo

Contact Details

Email: zhixiao.zhu@stats.ox.ac.uk

Office: 3.04