Dr Oliver Crook

Florence Nightingale Bicentenary Research Fellow

About Me

Hi! I'm Olly a Junior Research Fellow at New College. I previosly did my PhD in Biochemistry in Cambridge with Kathryn Lilley and an MMath at Warwick. My work is primarily Bayesian computational methods to understand data rising from biologically motivated problems.

Research Interests

I develop statistical and machine learning methods for biochemical and biophysical data. My work spans both systems and structural biology with a focus on understanding how proteins function through the lens of computation. I make paritcular use of Bayesian non-parametrics and machine/deep learning.


Jiang, Y., Rex, D., Schuster, D., Neely, B., Rosano, G., Volkmar, N., Momenzadeh, A., Peters-Clarke, T., Egbert, S., Kreimer, S., Doud, E., Crook, O., Yadav, A., Vanuopadath, M., Mayta, M., Duboff, A., Riley, N., Moritz, R. and Meyer, J. (2023) “Comprehensive Overview of Bottom-Up Proteomics using Mass Spectrometry.”, ArXiv [Preprint].

Contact Details

Email: oliver.crook@stats.ox.ac.uk

Office: 2.11

Pronoun: He/Him