Dr Matteo Ferla

Postdoctoral Researcher

About Me

I am half English (Wessex) and half Italian (Sicily) and to make things more confusing I have lived in a few other places: New Hampshire, New Zealand (Dunedin, close to Rohan and Lothlórien) and Copenhagen. I collect hobbies of the nerdier kind: everything for me seems to turn into an intriguing experiment and in my free time, I sometimes code for fun, rewire the electrics in the house, 3D print something utterly useless and cursed or solder components for an equally useless and janky Raspberry-Pi–based sensor.

Research Interests

I am a computational biochemist working in drug design.

My loyalties lie with molecular thermodynamics, but I am starting to fall the allure of deep learning.

I am currently working on Fragmenstein, github.com/matteoferla/Fragmenstein, a tool that stitches molecules together and reanimates them in order to help assess follow up compounds in fragment-based drug discovery.

Previously, I have developed Michalenglo (michelanglo.sgc.ox.ac.uk/), a tool allowing the sharing of representations of 3D structures of protein with interactive annotations, and Venus (venus.cmd.ox.ac.uk/venus), a tool that combines different sources of information in order to determine what could be the effect of a missense variant beyond simple destabilisation.

For other projects of mine, visit my github: github.com/matteoferla

Additionally, I have a science blog (blog.matteoferla.com) ranging from technical tutorials to monographic discussions/rants.


Contact Details

Email: matteo.ferla@stats.ox.ac.uk