Dan Phillips

DPhil in Statistics student

About Me

I am a 2nd year DPhil student in Statistics. My research focuses on statistical methods to analyse the risk of disease (survival analysis). I am particularly interested in Bayesian methods for complex survival data. I am working on a Bayesian joint model for Covid-19 antibody decay and the risk of Covid infection. The aim is to understand how the risk of infection depends on post-vaccination antibody levels, and how protection levels change over time after receiving a vaccine. I am fitting the model to data from the Oxford-Astrazeneca Covid-19 vaccine trials. I am researching methods to estimate the heritability of longitudinal and survival traits. That is, how much of the variance of a trait (e.g. blood pressure, or cancer diagnosis) is due to genetic variance, as opposed to environmental variance (nature vs nurture). I am developing a method to account for the computational challenges of high-dimensional genomic data. I graduated from a Masters in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Oxford in 2020. I then worked as a Statistician on the Oxford-Astrazeneca Covid-19 vaccine trials at the Oxford Vaccine Group in the Department of Paediatrics. I began my DPhil at the Department of Statistics in 2021.

Research Interests

  • Survival analysis
  • Joint modelling of longitudinal and time-to-event data
  • Genomic survival analysis
  • Bayesian modelling

I am interested in learning more about the intersection of survival analysis with spatial statistics and causal inference.

Contact Details

Email: daniel.phillips@stats.ox.ac.uk

Office: 3.05