We are delighted that Oxford Statistics STATML CDT student Sahra Ghalebikesabi is one of the recipients of the 2022 Microsoft Research PhD Fellowships. The Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship is a global program that identifies and empowers the next generation of exceptional computing research talent. Microsoft recognises the value of diversity in computing and aims to increase the pipeline of talent receiving advanced degrees in computing-related fields to build a stronger and inclusive computing-related research community.  The Fellowship is available to students conducting research in areas of Cloud Infrastructure, Future of Work, Health Intelligence, and Confidential Computing.

The Fellowship includes

  • $15,000 USD to help complete research as part of their doctoral thesis work for academic year 2023–24.
  • Eligible recipients will be offered a 12-week paid internship with Microsoft Research’s Cambridge, UK lab, or the Microsoft Africa Research Institute (MARI).
  • Opportunities to build relationships with research teams at Microsoft and receive mentorship.

Being recognised by a Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship in the category Health is an incredible honour for me. It not only certifies the importance of my research, but also inspires me to do my best to fulfil the potential of my research. I am also thrilled by all the opportunities this fellowship presents to me. The funding allows me to focus even more on my studies. The accompanying internship gives me a chance to apply my research and theoretical knowledge in a real-world setting where I can get feedback from experienced researchers at Microsoft. Together with the mentorship that I will receive from the MSR research team, this will help me to focus my research on high-impact problems in health care while taking into account practical considerations I might have not thought about earlier.

Sahra Ghalebikesabi