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IT Support

For further help please e-mail:

New Users

On joining the Department you will be issued with a Departmental IT account for access to local facilities. In addition the University will provide you with an Oxford Username (SSO) and Remote Access account of the form abcd1234. This will give you access to many web-based services using Oxford’s Web Single Sign-On (SSO) service along with eduroam and the central Nexus365 facilities for email and more.


Wi-Fi connectivity is readily available throughout the Department using eduroam and can easily be configured via the CAT. However if you lack eduroam credentials please ask your host to arrange (ideally a few days before arrival) for an Oxford Wireless LAN (OWL) account.

Visitors who will be staying for a while can ask their host to request a Departmental Visitor or Academic Collaborator IT account be created for them with the approval of the Head of Department.

Remote Access

How to access internal computers from outside the Department

  • The SSH Gateway provides access to most Linux systems
  • Windows desktops can be accessed via the Microsoft Remote Desktop Gateway
  • VPN provides access to many resources on the Departmental network, including the Windows P:\ drive

University IT Regulations