Florence Nightingale Lecture 2023

Date:           Friday 3rd February 2023

Speaker:   Professor Marloes Maathuis

Title:           Causal learning from observational data

Abstract:  I will discuss a line of work on estimating causal effects from observational data. In the first part of the talk, I will discuss identification and estimation of causal effects when the underlying causal graph is known, using adjustment. In the second part, I will discuss what one can do when the causal graph is unknown. Throughout, examples will be used to illustrate the concepts and no background in causality is assumed.  

Bio:             Marloes Maathuis was born in the Netherlands and studied applied mathematics at the Delft University of Technology. She obtained a PhD in Statistics from the University of Washington, Seattle, USA. She then moved to ETH Zurich, Switzerland, where she became full professor in statistics in 2016. Her research interests include causality, graphical models, high-dimensional models, and applications of statistics.

Marloes was program co-chair and general co-chair of UAI, co-editor of Statistics Surveys, and associate editor for the Annals of Statistics and JASA. She received the 2020 Van Dantzig Award, delivered the Breiman Lecture at NeurIPS 2020, and received the Ethel Newbold Prize in 2021.

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