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Professor Christl Donnelly

Deputy Head of Department, Professor of Applied Statistics - CBE, FRS, FMedSci

Fellow at St Peter's College

Biographical Sketch

  • 2002 – present Professor of Statistical Epidemiology, Imperial College London
  • 2000 – 2002 Reader in Epidemiological Statistics, Imperial College London
  • 1995 – 2000 Head of Statistics Unit (Reader in Statistical Epidemiology in 2000), Wellcome Trust Centre for the Epidemiology of Infectious Disease, University of Oxford
  • 1998 – 2000 Lecturer in Biology, St. Catherine’s College, University of Oxford
  • 1992 – 1995 Lecturer in Statistics, University of Edinburgh

Research Interests

  • Infectious disease epidemiology and control
  • Real-time outbreak analysis and response
  • Disease transmission dynamics
  • Science-policy interface

Selected Publications

  • Cox DR and Donnelly CA. Principles of Applied Statistics. Cambridge University Press, 202pp, 2011.
  • The Ebola Outbreak Epidemiology Team (including Donnelly CA). Outbreak of Ebola virus disease in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, April–May, 2018: an epidemiological study. Lancet 392 (10143), 213-21, 2018. Published online 29 June 2018. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(18)31387-4
  • WHO Ebola Response Team (Donnelly CA and Dye C, joint corresponding authors). Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa — The First 9 Months of the Epidemic and Forward Projections. New England Journal of Medicine 371, 1481-95, 2014. Published online 23 September 2014. doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa1411100
  • Donnelly CA, Woodroffe R, Cox DR, Bourne FJ, Cheeseman CL, Clifton-Hadley RS, Gao Wei, Gettinby G, Gilks P, Jenkins H, Johnston WT, Le Fevre AM, McInerney JP and Morrison WI. Positive and negative effects of widespread badger culling on tuberculosis in cattle. Nature 439, 843-846, 2006.
  • Donnelly CA, Woodroffe R, Cox DR, Bourne J, Gettinby G, Le Fevre AM, McInerney JP, and Morrison WI. Impact of localized badger culling on tuberculosis incidence in British cattle. Nature 426, 834-837, 2003. Published online 23 November 2003; doi: 10.1038/nature02192
  • Donnelly CA, Ghani AC, Leung GM, Hedley AJ, Fraser C, Riley S, Abu-Raddad LJ, Ho L-M, Thach T-Q, Chau P, Chan K-P, Lam T-H, Tse L-Y, Tsang T, Kong JHB, Cheung N-T, Lo S-V, Lau EMC, Ho W, Ferguson NM and Anderson RM. Epidemiological determinants of the spread of the causal agent of severe acute respiratory syndrome in Hong Kong. Lancet 361, 1761–1766, 2003.