Our approach

Asking questions and listening is as much part of our work as is running statistical models. We emphasise strong engagement with our clients throughout the entire project cycle. Whether you have a very clear idea of what statistical help you require or are uncertain about what is needed, we will ensure that we have a clear understanding of your problem, your questions, your data and any helpful background information, right from the beginning. We will keep you informed of our progress to catch any need for additional information or additional inputs early on.

Our aim is to find solutions that are optimal given your context and data and that work in practice. The most complex solution is not always the best!

We always ensure that you understand the results and that you feel confident in how to communicate them to the audience or users of the outputs. We will explain the reasons for methodological choices and the statistics behind the output in a language that is accessible. Being transparent about our work also means that we usually share the code.

We always adhere to the highest professional standards in line with the RSS code of conduct and will be clear about limitations, including what your data can and cannot tell, uncertainties around results, and what is feasible with given resources. To ensure the highest quality, we conduct internal peer review and QA on our work. While we welcome enquiries concerning all aspects and areas of statistics, we will be open about our expertise when we meet to discuss your questions.