How we provide support

Requests from other Departments at the University of Oxford usually fall within one of the following categories:

Ad-hoc advisory services

We provide advice on design, analysis, or interpretation. We will ask you for a description and documentation of the study and problem, which we review before scheduling a consultation meeting. We charge a minimum of 1 hour and usually no more than 4 hours, unless the question or study is complex and additional hours are agreed. Unfortunately, we generally do not have capacity to support MSc students. We also cannot conduct analysis or extensive syntax review for a DPhil thesis, but can provide guidance to DPhil students. The ad-hoc turnaround time is around one week from request to the consultancy meeting. Read about some of the ad-hoc support we have recently provided.

Consultancy services

We conduct statistical work for your project according to an agreed scope of work. The level of effort depends on what is requested, but may start from 2 days for a simple power calculation or analysis and would be considerably higher for large pieces of analysis. This type of work usually starts with a meeting to discuss the objectives, data etc and we would agree on the scope of work and timelines. Some of our work in this area might be statistical troubleshooting, but we always appreciate being involved early on, ideally at the time of writing your statistical analysis plan. Read more about some of the statistical work we have done.

You have done an absolutely splendid job. Thank you so very much. Everything has been explained very clearly and the graphs are excellent.

Research collaboration

If you are in the process of applying for a grant, you may decide to include us as statisticians on a grant proposal. This will be particularly relevant if you require longer-term support throughout your project. Ideally, you would involve us early on to support the development of the statistical sections in your grant proposal, but we are also very happy to support projects at later stages. Read more about how we have collaborated in research projects.


We provide tailored training in Statistical methods and software to other Departments. Please read through our case studies for examples of training sessions that we designed and conducted. 

Pro bono

There is generally a fee charged for our services. In exceptional cases, we provide statistical support pro bono. This may apply to requests from central University functions or when the context of the project warrants a pro bono contribution.

Thank you both again, not only for the incredibly comprehensive analysis you have undertaken for us, but for taking the time for our call with you this morning. It was really helpful, and I personally feel I have a much clearer understanding now.

Contact Us

Researchers, staff and DPhil students can schedule a one-on-one appointment with one of our consultants to discuss their specific questions. Contact us with a short description of your statistical question: or use our contact form

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