Part C and MSc Graphical Models

Michaelmas Term 2018

This is a joint Part C/OMMS (SC6) and MSc (SM9) course on Graphical Models. Notes and other material will be posted here.

Notes and Slides

Lecture Notes (notes will be updated as the course continues)

Slides (4-up version for printing)

Log-Linear Models: some supplemental notes on log-linear models for contingency tables.

Examples Sheets

It is strongly recommended that you try questions as much as possible before consulting solutions. Worksheet 0 is an introductory and revision sheet, to give a flavour of some of the maths we will be using.

Worksheet 0 (solutions)

Worksheet 1 (solutions)

Worksheet 2 (solutions)

Worksheet 3 (solutions)

Worksheet 4 (solutions)

Data Sets




Sample Exam Questions

Here is a collection of sample exam questions for revision purposes, and some sketch solutions.

Note that MSc questions are shorter than Part C questions, and worth 20 marks rather than 25; consequently they tend to involve fewer complicated proofs. Correspondingly, however, there is much less time available for MSc students to complete each question (an average of 36 mins rather than 52.5).


Last year's lecture notes are available, along with slides (4-up version) for those who want to look ahead. Most of the course is the same; the main changes are that graphical lasso has been removed, and the trek rule has been added.

Steffen Lauritzen taught an earlier incarnation of this course, and his notes might be useful.