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SIENA activities and workshops

Workshops and courses:

  • The Mitchell Centre will be running a Summer School at the University of Manchester (UK) July 8-12, 2019. One of the courses will be a Statistical Analysis of Social Networks, taught by Johan Koskinen. The course will treat ERGMs (Exponential Random Graph Models) and Stochastic Actor-Oriented Models (Siena).
    Click here for further information and booking.
  • At the Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis, Filip Agneessens will teach a one-week course Advanced Social Network Analysis - Statistical Analysis for Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Social Network Analysis, 22-26 July, 2019. The first three days will be about Exponential Random Graph Models, the last two days about Stochastic Actor-Oriented Models and Relational Event Models.
    Click here for course content and outline.
  • At the 23rd Summer School in Social Science Methods held in Lugano (Switzerland), Alesandro Lomi and Viviana Amati will teach August 26-30 a workshop Analysis of Social Networks, including a treatment of Exponential Random Graphs models (ERGMs) and Stochastic Actor-oriented Models (SAOMs) as examples of statistical models for studying network structure and connective behavior.
  • The Fourth European Conference on Social Networks (EUSN 2019) will take place in (Zürich) (Switzerland), September 9-12, 2019.

    There will be a session about Modeling Network Dynamics organized by Christian Steglich, Tom Snijders, Christoph Stadtfeld, James Hollway, and Nynke Niezink; and a session about Social Influence, organized by Christian Steglich, Tom Snijders, Andras Vörös, James Hollway, and Nynke Niezink.

    Further there will be four workshops related to RSiena, all taught on September 12th:

    1. Introduction to Dynamic Social Network Analysis with Stochastic Actor-oriented Models, taught by András Vörös, Per Block, Zsófia Boda, and Isabel Raabe.
    2. Analyzing the Dynamics of Networks and Continuous Behaviour with RSiena, taught by Nynke Niezink.
      Nynke M. D. Niezink, Tom A. B. Snijders, and Marijtje van Duijn (2019). No longer discrete: Modeling the dynamics of social networks and continuous behavior.
      Sociological Methodology, in press. DOI:

    3. Studying the Micro-Macro Link with Stochastic Actor-based Models and RSiena, taught by Christian Steglich.
    4. Analysing Multilevel Network Dynamics using RSiena, taught by Tom Snijders.

      Multilevel network analysis comes in two flavors: multilevel analysis of networks (MAN) where the data consists of a set of multiple networks which are conceptually similar but have disjoint node sets and no connections between them, and regarded as independent replications with respect to the social processes investigated; and analysis of multilevel networks (AMN) defined as multiple interdependent networks with several node sets, some of which are shared; e.g., a one-mode friendship network between individuals together with a two-mode network of the activities of the same set of individuals. Longitudinal analysis of both of these kinds of multilevel network structures will be treated in this workshop, using stochastic actor-oriented models and the RSiena package.
      The focus will be on the first kind (MAN), in particular the random coefficient multilevel longitudinal network analysis implemented in the function sienaBayes in RSiena. The basic idea of this random coefficient model will be presented, with the approach taken by the analysis using sienaBayes. The use of this function will be explained, and guidance will be given for parameter interpretation. For the second kind of analysis (AMN), the regular estimation function siena07 can be used, with multivariate specification of the data set. Some possibilities offered by the RSiena package for analysis of multilevel networks will be discussed.

      Of course a three-hour workshop is to short for these topics, so we can only skim the surface.

      The workshop is intended for participants who have at least a basic experience in working with RSiena.


    For further information and registration, see the Conference website of EUSN 2019 .
  • The ARS'19 International Workshop Multilayer, Multilevel and Multimode Networks will be held in Vietri sul Mare on the Amalfi Coast, near Salerno (Italy), October 28-31, 2019. There will be a session on Multilevel networks with invited speakers Emmanuel Lazega (Sciences Po, Paris) and Tom Snijders.

    As part of this workshop, a short course about Multilevel networks will be offered on October 28, 2019 by Tom Snijders. Here is the overview.

Previous workshops, still with valuable material:

User Groups:

There exists a User Group for Siena and StOCNET to exchange information and seek technical advice on using the Siena and StOCNET software to analyze network data.
The address is

At R-forge there is an email discussion list for help for programmers of the internal R and C++ code of RSiena.

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