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SIENA activities and workshops

Lectures, workshops, courses:

  • Registration is now open for the 12th Winter School on Longitudinal Social Network Analysis, organized by Christian Steglich, Anastasia Menshikova, and Madelene Töpfer, that will take place at the Institute for Analytical Sociology (Norrköping, Sweden) in the week of 8-11 February 2022. The event consists of a three-day introductory course about Stochastic Actor-orienteded Models and the RSiena software, followed by a one-day Master Class opportunity for in-depth consultation related to your data sets and/or work-in-progress. For the Master Class, Tom Snijders will participate as discussant.

    Details about content and registration can be found at the Winter School's website The current plan is to hold the meeting in person; deadline for registration is December 17, 2021.

Previous workshops, still with valuable material:

User Groups:

There exists a Users' Group for RSiena to exchange information and seek technical advice.
The address is

If you are not a member yet, you can log in or sign up at the top of the page of the User Group.

You can view the archives of the RSiena group at

You can also post suggestions for changes in RSiena at the package at GitHub.

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