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Siena in R: RSiena

The SIENA methods are available in RSiena, which is a package of the statistical system R. This replaces the older Windows-based SIENA version 3, which still is available from the downloads page, but no longer maintained. RSiena can be executed on all platforms for which R is available: Windows, Mac, Unix/Linux. R can be downloaded from, and RSiena can be loaded as one of the packages in R.

The development of RSiena is part of the project Adolescent Peer Social Network Dynamics and Problem Behavior, funded by NIH (Grant Number 1R01HD052887-01A2), Principal Investigator John M. Light (Oregon Research Institute). RSiena was originally programmed by Ruth Ripley and Krists Boitmanis, in collaboration with Tom Snijders. Several others have been contributing: Josh Lospinoso, Charlotte Greenan, Christian Steglich, Johan Koskinen, Felix Schönenberger, Mark Ortmann, Natalie Indlekofer, and Nynke Niezink. The maintainer is Tom Snijders. We are continuing with the extension of the package. The fact that R is open source implies that the source is available (most easily from R-Forge, see below) and the project is open to contributions by other researchers who know how to program in R and/or C/C++.

RSiena can be operated in several ways. The best (most complete) functionality is obtained by executing RSiena entirely within R, using the R functions supplied by this package.
Those who have no prior knowledge of R may find it easy to execute RSiena through the graphical user interface which allows the user to execute RSiena without prior knowledge of R, or to access RSiena from visone; a short guide is available at the visone website.

The installation and operation of RSiena are explained in the users' manual. It includes information on how to install RSiena; how to work with the Siena graphical user interface; and some help on getting started with operating RSiena within R. In addition, it gives extensive descriptions of the methods available in RSiena.

RSiena and its manual are being updated rather frequently. New versions of the manual are available from this page.

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