James Martin

James Martin

Postal address:
Department of Statistics
University of Oxford
24-29 St Giles'
Oxford OX1 3LB, UK

Email: martin at stats.ox.ac.uk

I work at the University of Oxford, where I am based in the Statistics Department and St Hugh's College.


My research is in probability theory, with strong links to statistical physics and theoretical computer science. Research interests include: random graphs; interacting particle systems; models of random growth and percolation; models of coagulation and fragmentation; queueing networks; combinatorial games.

My co-authors include Louigi Addario-Berry Gidi Amir, Omer Angel, Arvind Ayyer, Riddhipratim Basu, Thierry Bodineau, Ofer Busani, Maria Deijfen, Serte Donderwinkel Rui Dong, Pablo Ferrari, Sergey Foss, Christina Goldschmidt, Patrícia Gonçalves, Ben Hambly, Alexander Holroyd, Mickaël Maazoun, Olya Mandelshtam, Irène Marcovici, Neil O'Connell, Yuval Peres, Leandro Pimentel, Balaji Prabhakar, Balázs Ráth, Utkir Rozikov, Philipp Schmidt, Allan Sly, Dario Spanò, Roman Stasiński, Yuri Suhov, David Wilson, Peter Winkler, Dominic Yeo, and Lingfu Zhang.

You can find my papers here.

Here you can find all sorts of information about probability in Oxford.


Prelims Probability (most recently Michaelmas term 2020).
Part B Probability, Measure and Martingales (most recently Michaelmas Term 2019).
Part A Probability (most recently Michaelmas term 2016).
Part B Statistical Lifetime models (most recently Hilary term 2014).

Other courses I have lectured in Oxford include Part A Linear Programming, Part B Actuarial Science, and Part C Probabilistic Combinatorics.


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Other places

Before coming to Oxford I worked for the CNRS, based in LIAFA in University Paris 7. Previously I was at the Statslab in Cambridge (where I am also a member of St John's College and was "lector" at Jesus College), and in the TREC group at the ENS in Paris.

James Martin
Email: martin at stats.ox.ac.uk