You can hear me playing Bach's Prelude and Fugue in G major, BWV 541: mp3 file (11MB), mp3 stream.

This is an excerpt from a CD in the Organs of Cambridge series, available from Oxrecs Digital and also on Spotify.

The complete CD:

I still play the organ from time to time, and have occasional bursts of activity as a continuo player and as a piano accompanist, most recently working with singers Chris Watson, Greg Skidmore, and Emily Atkinson. I am also doing a lot of singing these days, including with Sospiri and Commotio. A while ago I directed Sospiri in a performance of Bach's St Matthew Passion. I directed Commotio for three concerts in March, June and December 2014. You can see some more recent videos of Commotio here, including some beautiful carols recorded in the social distancing era (Christmas 2020).

James Martin