Matlab package: BNPgraph
Sparse graphs using exchangeable random measures

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This Matlab package implements algorithms for simulation and posterior inference with the class of sparse graph models introduced by Caron and Fox (2014). It allows to simulate graphs with a given level of sparsity,to infer the parameters of observed networks (sociability parameters associated to nodes) and to assess the sparsity of a given network. 

The package has been tested on Matlab R2014a and requires the statistics toolbox.

F. Caron, E.B. Fox. Sparse graphs using exchangeable random measures. arXiv:1401.1137. Download paper.


  1. Download the zip file
  2. Unzip it in some folder
  3. Run the test file test.m

In order to use the package, the folders "GGP" and "utils" need to be added to the Matlab path, using the command addpath (see the test file).


Test script

Demos of the package
Main functions: simulation and posterior inference on graphs
Other samplers of interest:

Latest corrections

Last update: 01-05-2015. First version of the package.


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