Modern Applied Statistics with S-PLUS

S-PLUS Unix Software

This collection contains software and data associated with the book:

Modern Applied Statistics with S-PLUS
by W.N. Venables & B.D. Ripley, Springer, 1999.
ISBN 0 387 98825 4. [Details]

The software is for the Third Edition; users of the Second Edition should find only minor differences, plus additional material.

The current software is for the Fourth Edition

This directory is for S-PLUS 3.x, 5.x and 6.x on Unix machines: the Windows software is elsewhere.

The following files are available:
VR6.tar.gz [b ]
tar archives of the software and datasets (current version: ) [b ]
zip file of the software and datasets (current version: )
VR6cathelp.tar.gz [b ]
pre-processed help files for 3.x (not usually needed).
VR3scripts.gz [b ]
compressed Unix shar archive of S-PLUS code given in the text
VR2scripts.gz [b ]
ditto for the Second edition.

Files with suffix .gz are for use with gunzip.


To unpack the software

Put the downloaded file VR6.tar.gz in an empty directory. Use any of

	gzcat VR6.tar.gz | tar xvf -
	gzip -dc VR6.tar.gz | tar xvf -
or, if you have the GNU tar
	tar zxvf VR6.tar.gz
to unpack the software to various information files and the subdirectories MASS, class, nnet, spatial, treefix and test. (Directory test contains tests and instructions to use them.) Now follow the instructions in the file Installation in the top-level directory.

If you are using S-PLUS 3.x and do not have a working nroff (on SGI?), download VR6cathelp.tar.gz and use

       gzcat VR6cathelp.tar.gz | tar xf -
       touch */.Data/.Cat.Help/*

Once installed, the libraries are made available via library commands such as

       library(MASS, first=T)
       library(treefix, first=T)

Use either of

	gzcat VR3scripts.gz | sh
	gzip -dc VR3scripts.gz | sh

to unpack the scripts to directory scripts. The file ch08 contains the code from Chapter 8, and so on. These files can be used to cut-and-paste from an editor to the S-PLUS session.

To use the software

Read (and follow) the instructions in the file Installation.

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