Modern Applied Statistics with S-PLUS: Software

There are mirrors of this material at Oxford, Sydney, StatLib (Pittsburgh) and Wisconsin.

This collection contains software and data associated with the book:

Modern Applied Statistics with S-PLUS
by W.N. Venables & B.D. Ripley, Springer, 1999.
ISBN 0 387 98825 4. [Details]

The software is for the Third Edition; users of the Second Edition should find only minor differences, plus additional material.

This archive currently contains:

Unix 3.x, 5.x and 6.x
Software for use with Unix versions of S-PLUS
Software for use with S-PLUS for Windows
Software for use with R on Unix, GNU-Linux and Windows
Printable help pages
as gzip-ed tar of PostScript (170Kb), or zip file of Word (rtf) documents (112Kb)
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