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Prior to my retirement in September 2013, I was a lecturer in the Department of Statistics, University of Oxford.

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Slides for the 2013/2014 APTS R programming course are here.

My 1998 D.Phil. thesis, Neural Network Models for Breast Cancer Prognosis, is available for downloading in PDF (2.7mb) or 2-up PostScript (680kb).

S-PLUS survival analysis software (similar to that used in the thesis) is available for Unix and Windows.  (Previous versions of the software are available for S-PLUS 3.4 and S-PLUS 2000.)

Slides from a seminar entitled  Neural network based non-linear survival methods with applications to breast cancer prognosis are available for download as 4-up Postscript (zipped) (75kb)

Software for analysis of western medieval chant melodies, created in collaboration with the Oxchant Group in the Faculty of Music, is available here.   A paper describing the work is available here.

A complete list of publications is available here.

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Key to Oxfordshire grasses,    Key to Oxfordshire Sedges,     Plants of Oxfordshire

To amend the grasses key, download and follow the instructions in this file.

Dichotomous Key to Grasses of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire

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