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Prior to my retirement in September 2013, I was a lecturer in the Department of Statistics, University of Oxford.

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Slides for the 2013/2014 APTS R programming course are here.

My 1998 D.Phil. thesis, Neural Network Models for Breast Cancer Prognosis, is available for downloading in PDF (2.7mb) or 2-up PostScript (680kb).

S-PLUS survival analysis software (similar to that used in the thesis) is available for Unix and Windows.  (Previous versions of the software are available for S-PLUS 3.4 and S-PLUS 2000.)

Slides from a seminar entitled  Neural network based non-linear survival methods with applications to breast cancer prognosis are available for download as 4-up Postscript (zipped) (75kb)

Software for analysis of western medieval chant melodies, created in collaboration with the Oxchant Group in the Faculty of Music, is available here.   A paper describing the work is available here.

A complete list of publications is available here.

Personal photography albums, Plant database by family, Plant database by Location.

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