Alison M Etheridge

Research Interests:

My research can be roughly divided into the three interconnected areas of infinite dimensional stochastic analysis, mathematical ecology and mathematical population genetics. A list of publications can be found on my `official' website. The Minerva Foundation Lectures below give an impression of some of the problems from mathematical population genetics that interest me. I am also a member of the Mathematical Institute and Magdalen College.

Slides from EPSRC/LMS short course, April 2011:

  • Peter's first lecture

  • Peter's second lecture

  • Peter's third lecture

  • Peter's fourth lecture

  • Amanda's lecture

  • Andrew's lectures

    Group Members (past and present):

    Current and former graduate students (including longterm visitors) and postdocs in the group include:

    Matthias Birkner,
    Jochen Blath,
    Marcella Capaldo,
    Charles Cuthbertson,
    Andrej Depperschmidt,
    Leif Doering,
    Bjarki Eldon
    Raphael Forien
    Nic Freeman
    Mitch Gooding
    Alex Hening
    Martin Hutzenthaler
    Jerome Kelleher
    Alex Jackson,
    Jerome Kelleher
    Bence Mélykúti,
    Imre Kvasznicza,
    Cyril Labbé,
    Mark Meredith,
    Luke Miller
    Sarah Penington
    Helmut Pitters
    Habib Saadi,
    Saurav Sen,
    Daniel Straulino,
    Anja Sturm,
    Jay Taylor,
    Amandine Véber,
    Shidong Wang
    David Williams,
    Feng Yu.

    Teaching Materials:

    Below are teaching materials relating to various courses at graduate level. Lecture notes for undergraduate courses are posted on the Mathematical Institute website.

  • Click here for lecture notes and problem sheets for Stochastic calculus for finance. Note that these have been improved and expanded to produce `A Course in Financial Calculus', Cambridge University Press, 2002

  • Click here for lecture notes and problem sheets for Diffusion process models in mathematical genetics. Note that these have been improved and expanded to produce `Some mathematical models from population genetics. École d'Été de Probabilités de Saint-Flour XXXIX-2009'; Lecture Notes in Mathematics vol. 2012. Springer.

  • Click here for lecture notes for Lebesgue integration (Part A, 2011).

  • Click here for lecture notes for Discrete parameter martingales (Part B, 2010).

  • Click here for pdf files of Minerva Foundation Lectures, Columbia University, September 2007.

  • Click here for pdf files of Orsay M2 lectures, Note that these notes were eventually corrected and extended to produce the St Flour Lecture Notes `Some mathematical models from population genetics', Lecture Notes in Mathematics vol 2012, Springer (2011).
    Alison Etheridge