Pre-compiled software

The current version of the packaged installer for the tools to build R and packages with compiled code is at

The components of the software to build R itself, and additional software to build packages. This can also be used to build R-devel against the binary distributions it comtains

ICU packaged for use with R 3.1.1 and later. Unzip this anywhere (it unpacks to a single directory ICU) and set the location in MkRules.local.

The GDAL executables for use by the package called gdalUtils.

texinfo version 5.x

for use with R 3.0.3 and later. Download and unzip in a empty directory: its README file contains instructions for use. Currently GNU texinfo 5.2 with sources at texinfo-5.2.tar.xz

Additional tools

Directory goodies also contains some tools. These are 32-bit executables, so will run on any version of Windows. is a build of the file found on Unix-alikes. It will be used by R CMD check, and is contained in Rtools212.exe and later. is a build of the xz utils 4.999.9 which provides command-line tools to manipulate files compressed with xz as well as some versions of lzma compression. are the GNU gettext tools used for working with message translations. You will want these to use tools::update_package_po.