External software

This software is compiled using the recommended toolchain for R 2.14.2 and later. The files are under goodies/multilib directory.

This includes a comprehensive `local' tree as local300.zip which can be unpacked and pointed to by the LOCAL_SOFT macro in file src/gnuwin32/MkRules.local when building from sources, or in the etc/{i386,x64}/Makeconf files in a binary distribution. This contains headers and static libraries for bzip2 (1.0.6) expat (2.1.0), fftw3 (3.3.4), gdal (1.11.0), geos (3.4.2), gmp (6.0.0), gsl (1.16), jpeg (9a), libiconv (1.14) libpng (1.6.14) libsndfile (1.0.25), libxml2 (2.9.1), libz (1.2.8), mpfr (3.1.2), netcdf (4.3.2, for use with RNetCDF and ncdf, not ncdf4), pcre (8.36) proj (4.8.0) sprng (2.0b), tiff (4.0.3) udunits2 (2.1.24) and xz (5.0.7).

There are also binary versions of Clp (1.15.6), glpk (4.47), QuantLib (1.4) and SYMPHONY (5.4.7) for use with packages clpAPI, pcaL1, glpkAPI, sdcTable, RQuantLib and Rsymphony.

Sources are under the goodies/sources directory.