When Where Title Materials
2019/06/07 DeepMind, London Kernel Embeddings, Meta Learning, and Distributional Transfer slides
2019/03/28 Workshop on Functional Inference and Machine Intelligence, ISM Tokyo Hyperparameter Learning via Distributional Transfer slides
2019/02/26 2nd KERMES Workshop, UPM Madrid Learning on Aggregate Outputs with Kernels slides
2018/11/28 Machine Learning Tutorial, Department of Computing, Imperial College London Kernel Methods, Embeddings, and Aggregates slides
2018/09/06 Advances in Kernel Methods Workshop, Gaussian Process Summer School, Sheffield Approximate Kernel Methods and Learning on Aggregates slides
2017/05/06 RegML 2017 Workshop, Oslo Learning with Approximate Kernel Embeddings slides
2017/03/23 Statistical Learning Workshop, Lancaster Learning with Approximate Kernel Embeddings slides
2016/11/28 Dagstuhl Workshop: New Directions for Learning with Kernels and Gaussian Processes Kernel Embeddings and Gaussian Processes slides
2016/10/07 OxWaSP Workshop, Warwick Inference with Kernel Embeddings slides,video
2016/09/13 SuSTaIn Closing Workshop, Bristol Inference with Kernel Embeddings slides
2016/09/07 RSS 2016 Conference, Manchester Inference with Kernel Embeddings slides
2016/03/30 The Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Tokyo Kernel Embeddings for Inference with Intractable Likelihoods slides
2015/06/22 Dept of Power, Electronics and Communication Engineering, University of Novi Sad Tutorial on Statistical Machine Learning slides: 1, 2
2015/04/09 Dagstuhl Seminar on Machine Learning with Interdependent and Non-identically Distributed Data Hypothesis Testing with Kernel Embeddings on Interdependent Data slides
2015/02/06 Dept of Statistics, London School of Economics Hypothesis Testing with Kernel Embeddings on Big and Interdependent Data slides
2015/01/09 UCL Workshop on the Theory of Big Data Big Hypothesis Testing with Kernel Embeddings slides
2014/11/18 Oxford-Warwick Statistics CDT (OxWaSP) Kernel Methods and Hypothesis Testing slides
2014/07/29 Dept of Software Engineering and Theoretical Computer Science, TU Berlin Kernel Adaptive Metropolis-Hastings slides
2014/07/28 The Shogun Machine Learning Toolbox Workshop 2014, Berlin, Germany Kernel Hypothesis Testing and Feature Selection slides, video
2014/03/31 Workshop on Kernel Methods for Big Data, Lille, France MCMC Kameleon: Kernel Adaptive Metropolis-Hastings slides
2014/03/20 Workshop on Intractable Likelihoods, St Anne’s College, University of Oxford MCMC Kameleon: Kernel Adaptive Metropolis-Hastings poster
2013/12/07 NIPS 2013, Lake Tahoe, NV A kernel test for three-variable interactions slides, video, poster
2012/11/12 Dept of Statistical Science, UCL Hypothesis testing with kernel embeddings slides
2012/10/26 CSML Lunch Talk, UCL Equivalence of distance-based and RKHS-based statistics in hypothesis testing slides
2012/10/24 Gatsby Machine Learning Journal Club, UCL Topology and data slides
2012/06/27 ICML 2012, Edinburgh Hypothesis testing using pairwise distances and associated kernels slides, video
2012/04/13 Signal Processing and Communications Laboratory, University of Cambridge Combinatorial channel signature modulation for wireless networks slides
2011/07/14 Dept of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College London Nonparametric changepoint detection via string matching slides