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Email: ian.restuccia@stats.ox.ac.uk

I am a DPhil student in the Department of Statistics at the University of Oxford. My supervisors are Alison Etheridge and Julien Berestycki.

My current research focuses on understanding how constrains affects the evolution of species.

Short Biography

I completed my undergraduate of Engineering in Mathematics and master's in Applied Mathematics at Universidad de Chile, 2012-2018, graduating with a first class Distinction in both of my titles. I specialized in Probability and its application to real problems, in particular population genetics. I have also been interested in problems related to computer science in the past.

In July 2016 I started working with Jorge Pérez in my first research problem. It was a problem focused on communications interfaces in computer science. From this work came my first paper A Formal Framework for Comparing Linked Data Fragments, that was presented in the ISWC 2017 and won the Best Research paper award.

In October 2016 I started my master thesis with Servet Martínez. The goal was to use probabilistic techniques to understand recombination in population dynamics in continuous time. This work also had the support of Ellen Baake of Bielefeld University, who provided a great amount on feedback and discussion. Also I had the honor to had her in my thesis committee. I presented my thesis and graduated in January 2018, but continue working with Servet and Ellen until September 2018. From this work we obtain a series of result from recombination and migration we plan to publish in the near future.

In September 2018 I moved to Oxford to start my DPhil in Statistics.



Universidad de Chile, class tutor: Oxford University, TA:

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