Statistical software

Simon Myers



Available software:


fineSTRUCTURE software for analysing population structure

fineSTRUCTURE and the accompanying ChromoPainter are software applications that utilise dense genetic variation datasets of SNP markers, to explore ancestry relationships among individuals, and to perform Bayesian model-based clustering of individuals into genetically similar populations. The method is suitable for sequencing-based or genotyping array data. This approach has greater fine-scale resolution (e.g. finding structure within countries or continents) than previous algorithms. For details, accompanying manuscript and to download the software, visit

HAPMIX software for identifying ancestry segments in admixed individuals

HAPMIX is an application for accurately inferring chromosomal segments of distinct ancestry in admixed populations, using dense genetic data. For comprehensive details see the HAPMIX paper: Price et al., PLoS Genet (2009).

HAPMIX is free to use or modify for non-commercial users.

To download HAPMIX v2 (released 13/03/2011), click here. It may help to start here. Thanks to Arti Tandon and others for working on the new release.

Older versions: HAPMIX v1.1 can be downloaded here, and the original version of the software can be downloaded here.

RecMin software to identify ancestral recombination events from population genetic data

To access the RecMin pages, click here