The Human Genome

The determination of the sequence of the human genome has been hailed as major scientific milestone. But getting an overview of the human genome and the implications and challenges of this is difficult, since it will appear in a myriad of articles, using very different approaches. This lecture series aims to bring forth the central issues and achievements of this project. The lecture series will be in Hilary Term 2004 and take place 2pm–4pm Tuesdays in Lecture Theatre B in Zoology, South Parks Road. Dependant on the individual lecturers, slides will be available at this site before the lectures.

Date Topic Lecturer Overheads
20/1 History and Nature of the Human Genome Project Jotun Hein In PowerPoint format
27/1 Non-Genic Evolution and Selection in the Human Genome Gerton Lunter In PDF format
3/2 Mammalian Genes I: Conservation and slow evolution Chris Ponting In PowerPoint format
10/2 Mammalian Genes II: Functional innovation and rapid change Chris Ponting & Leo Goodstadt Ponting2.ppt Goodstadt.ppt
17/2 RNAs in Human Genome Sam Griffiths-Jones In PowerPoint format
24/2 Population Genetics of the Human Genome Gil McVean In PowerPoint format
2/3 Association Mapping and the Human Genome Lon Cardon In PDF format
9/3 The Human Genome and Human Evolution Chris Tyler-Smith In PowerPoint format