Online seminars and workshops

This page is an attempt to provide a list of online resources for my research group (and anyone else who might be interested!). Times listed are those in the UK (i.e. GMT or BST) on the relevant date. Suggestions for additions would be extremely welcome!

Regular seminars

  • An aggregated list of Online Probability Seminars around the world and another of Math seminars more generally.
  • The One World Probability Project, including the seminars at 2pm and 3pm on Thursdays. (Recordings of past talks are on YouTube.)
  • The Oxford Discrete Mathematics and Probability Seminar, 2pm and 3.30pm on Tuesdays. (Recordings of past talks are on YouTube.)
  • The Horowitz seminar at Tel Aviv University (now online), 12.30pm on Mondays. (Recordings of past talks are on YouTube.)
  • Stanford Probability Seminar, midnight on Mondays.
  • Percolation Today, 3.15pm on Tuesdays.
  • Recorded workshops or seminars

  • The Online Open Probability School, more details coming soon.
  • The BIRS video repository (searchable). Of particular interest: 14w5159 Probability on Trees and Planar Graphs, 15w5146 Groups, Graphs and Stochastic Processes.
  • Probability on MathTube, lecture and seminar materials from PIMS, including courses from the PIMS Probability Summer Schools in 2012 and 2017.
  • Videos from the Saint-Flour Probability Summer Schools.
  • Videos from Elegance in Probability, a conference in honour of Russ Lyons (September 2017).
  • Miscellaneous other sites

  • The Bernoulli Society's list of videos.

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