SB2b: Statistical Machine Learning

Instructors: Prof. Mihaela van der Schaar and Dr. Seth Flaxman

Term: Hilary Term 2017, Jan 15 - Mar 11
Lectures: Statistics LG.01, Wed 12-13, Thu 16-17
MSc Classes: Statistics LG.01, Thu 26 January, 9 February, 16 February, 2 March, 15-16

Synopsis of course (useful for revising!)

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Access past exam questions via OXAM which is on WebLearn [solutions here].

Problem Sheets

Course Materials

Resources for R:

Recommended textbooks on statistical data mining and machine learning:

  • Hastie, Tibshirani and Friedman, The Elements of Statistical Learning, Springer. [ebook]
  • Bishop, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Springer.
  • Murphy, Machine Learning: a Probabilistic Perspective, MIT Press, 2012.

    Further reading

  • B. D. Ripley, Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks, Cambridge University Press, 1996.
  • G. James, D. Witten, T. Hastie, R. Tibshirani, An Introduction to Statistical Learning, Springer, 2013. [ebook]