A tool for calculating and analysing the VH-VL orientation in antibodies.

Antibody VH-VL orientation angles

Download - a copy of ABangle. Documentation included.


visit the ABangle webserver.

J. Dunbar, A. Fuchs, J. Shi, CM. Deane, ABangle: Characterising the VH-VL orientation in antibodies
, PEDS, 2013 [Paper Link]

Contact: James Dunbar

Animate the angles

T-Cell receptor Vβ-Vα orientation angles

The equivalent angles can also be calculated between the analagous domains in T-Cell receptors, Vα and Vβ.

Download the angles for each of the paired Vα and Vβ domains found in IMGT.

J. Dunbar, B. Knapp, A. Fuchs, J. Shi and CM. Deane. Examining variable domain orientations in antigen receptors gives insight into TCR-like antibody design, PLOS Comp. Bio., 2014, 10(9), e1003852 [Paper Link]