Matlab/Octave package: Polyatreetest
Two-sample Bayesian nonparametric hypothesis test

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This Matlab/Octave package implements the Bayesian nonparametric two-sample tests described in (Holmes et al., 2014) and based on a Polya tree model.

The package has been tested on Matlab R2014a (with statistics toolbox) and Octave 3.6.4. (although it runs very slowly on Octave).

C.C. Holmes, F. Caron, J.E. Griffin, D.A. Stephens. Two-sample Bayesian nonparametric hypothesis testing. To appear in Bayesian Analysis, 2014. Download paper.



  1. Download the package
  2. Unzip the zip file in some folder
  3. Add the folder to the Matlab/Octave path with the command addpath

Latest corrections

Last update: 31-07-2014. First version of the package.


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