Matlab/Octave package: BNPPL
Bayesian nonparametric Plackett-Luce for ranking data

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This Matlab/Octave package implements sampling algorithms for simulation and Bayesian inference in (mixture of) nonparametric Plackett-Luce models (Caron et al., 2014). These models are useful for analysing partial ranking data consisting of ordered lists of top-m items among a very large, potentially unbounded set of items.

The package has been tested on Matlab R2014a (with statistics toolbox) and Octave 3.6.4.

F. Caron, Y.W. Teh, T.B. Murphy. Bayesian nonparametric Plackett-Luce models for the analysis of preferences for college degree programmes. The Annals of Applied Statistics, vol. 8, no2, pp. 1145-1181, 2014. Download paper.


Demo of the package
Sampler and inference in nonparametric Plackett-Luce
Sampler and inference in mixture of nonparametric Plackett-Luce
Processing of the outputs of the MCMC algorithms

Latest corrections

Last update: 04-07-2014. Correction of a bug in clust_est_binder.m


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