François Caron
François Caron
Associate Professor in Statistics, University of Oxford
Tutorial Fellow, Keble College

I am an Associate Professor in the department of Statistics and a tutorial Fellow at Keble College, University of Oxford. I am co-director of the Oxford-Warwick EPSRC-MRC Centre for Doctoral Training in modern statistical science (OxWaSP).

Research interests

My research interests lie in the development of probabilistic models for the analysis of complex and structured data, the study of the theoretical properties of such models and the development of scalable inference algorithms. I am currently particularly interested in sparse networks.

Research Group




OxCSML-BayesNP Github group

BNRG (Python): Simulation and inference for Bayesian Norros-Reittu random graph models
Micropartition (Julia): Simulation and inference for random partition with microclustering property
SNetOC (Matlab package): Simulation and inference for Sparse and modular Networks with Overlapping Communities (SNetOC)
NPflow (R package): Bayesian Nonparametrics for Automatic Gating of Flow-Cytometry Data
BNPgraph (Matlab package): Simulation and posterior inference for sparse random graphs
BiiPS software: Bayesian Inference with Interacting Particle Systems
Polyatreetest (Matlab/Octave package): Bayesian nonparametric two-sample test with Polya tree priors
BNPPL (Matlab/Octave package): Bayesian inference in nonparametric (mixture of) Plackett-Luce models
HASI (Matlab package): Adaptive algorithm for low-rank matrix completion and collaborative filtering
BayesBT (Matlab/Octave package): Efficient Bayesian inference for generalized Bradley-Terry models


Statistical Machine Learning (Hilary Term 2021)

Contact Information

François Caron
Department of Statistics
University of Oxford
24-29 St Giles
OX1 3LB, Oxford
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)1865 282 865