Brian C. Zhang

  • PhD Student, Oxford University
I am a fifth-year PhD student in the Oxford Department of Statistics working on statistical genetics. I am fortunate to be a member of Pier Palamara’s group and am currently investigating methods that infer genealogies for a set of genetic samples. Due to genetic recombination during meiosis, the pattern of these genealogies shifts as one scans across the genome. Inference of these local genealogies provides a rich picture of genetic relatedness and can shed light on biological processes from natural selection to the genetic risk factors underlying disease.
At Oxford, I am supported by the Clarendon Scholarship and am a member of St. John’s College. I am co-supervised by Geoff Nicholls, and was also previously supervised by Jonathan Marchini. Before coming to Oxford, I worked for two years as a research engineer at DeepMind in London.
Interests. Population Genetics, Machine Learning