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Entry Requirements

You will need to check that you are on course to meet the entry requirements for this course. In addition to good GCSEs, our standard offers are generally:


If you are taking Further Maths to A2 level: A*A*A, with A*s in Maths and Further Maths.

For those for whom A-level Further Maths is not available: either A*AAa with A* in Mathematics and a in AS-level Further Mathematics or A*AA with A* in Mathematics.

Note: We generally expect students who have the opportunity to take Further Maths A-level to do so, although we understand that some students may only discover a love of mathematics in Year 12 and so only be able to take Further Maths to AS-level. The Maths Institute also has extension material for Single A-level Mathematicians.

If your school schedules maths lessons such that you study a full Maths A-level in Year 12 and a full Further Maths A-level in Year 13, we will accept the grade obtained in the Maths A-level as part satisfying the offer (provided the grade achieved was an A*). A standard conditional offer in this case would be A*A (with A* in Further Maths).

Advanced highers

AAAAB or AAAAA in Scottish Highers and at least two Advanced Highers. We would expect Mathematics to be taken to Advanced Higher level, Applied Mathematics is useful but not essential. If both Mathematics and Applied Mathematics are taken we would require A grades in both. Otherwise, depending on the number of Advanced Highers taken, the offer will be AA or AAB with A in Mathematics.

International Baccalaureate

39 including core points with 7,6,6 at Higher Level and a 7 in Higher Level Maths.

American Qualifications

Note: You do not have to have achieved these grades prior to applying.

Our offer requires grade 5 in at least 3 Advanced Placement Tests, with either Calculus AB or BC. Statistics, Physics (1 or 2), and Computer Science are other appropriate subjects to have, though they are not required. If you cannot or have not taken APTs, we also accept at least 700 in 3 SAT Subject Tests, including Mathematics Level 1 and 2. You may also have a combination of SAT subject tests and APTs in the appropriate grades, provided they are in different subjects.

In addition to either APTs or SAT Subject Tests we also require a score of at least 2100 in the SAT Reasoning Test, with at least 1400 in Critical Reasoning and Mathematics. Alternatively, you can achieve at least 32 out of 36 in the ACT.

International Qualifications

You can find more information on international qualifications on the main University webpages. Non-native English speakers will need to make sure they satisfy the University’s English language requirements.

Please also consult the Undergraduate Prospectus entry for our course.