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Why study Statistics?

Statistics is an exciting area of modern mathematics. It concerns the theory relating the characteristics of a population to the statistics drawn from some sample of its members. Statistics is an intellectual discipline in its own right, and also an essential tool in many other fields of study.

The BA and MMath Mathematics and Statistics combine the strengths of the traditional Oxford Mathematics degrees with the ability to pursue probability and statistics in depth. If you are interested in studying how we can use data and what the applications of mathematics and statistics are to the world we live in, this is the course for you.

Graduates with this kind of knowledge base are highly sought after by employers. The career options are excellent, both in a general professional setting, for example in accounting, banking, or finance, and in more specialised professions as a statistician, mathematician, or actuary. Career choices are certainly not limited, with opportunities available in health, sports technology, the Civil Service and many more. The four-year MMath course also provides an ideal stepping board for postgraduate study. The BA and MMath Mathematics and Statistics have been accredited by the Royal Statistical Society [accreditation arrangements currently under review].

Why Oxford?

Oxford is one of the world’s top universities. Its collegiate system combines lectures with personalised tutorials in groups of two or three. Many of our academic teaching staff are at the forefront of international research in their respective fields.

There is flexibility until well into the second year to change between a joint degree in Mathematics and Statistics, and a straight Mathematics degree. There is the same flexibility for changing between the three-year and four-year course.

Why not combine the strengths of an ancient university with the excitement of modern mathematics and statistics? Find out more about the Mathematics and Statistics course at a University open day.