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Meet Our Students

Tim Rudner

The MSc in Applied Statistics [now called MSc in Statistical Science] is an excellent preparation for both applied and theoretical statistics. It is geared towards students from diverse academic backgrounds and covers fundamental statistical theory as well as more advanced topics in modern statistics. As someone with a background in mathematics and economics, I have found the course content optimal in helping me transition into graduate-level statistics.

Of the various program components, I found the practical assignments and my dissertation research most rewarding. Practical assignments in the MSc involve implementing models covered in lectures and using them to solve real-world problems. They are crucial to fully understand the lecture material and helped me put theory into practice.

Personally, the dissertation research was the highlight of the course. Thanks to the amazing guidance of my dissertation advisor, I was able to branch out beyond the MSc curriculum and pursue a self-proposed project at the cutting-edge of research in probabilistic machine learning. Studying statistics at the University of Oxford with its many resources and world-class faculty has been a great privilege, and I am thankful for the academic and professional opportunities the MSc has opened up for me.