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Graduate Liaison Group

Graduate students views are fed into the departmental structure via the Graduate Liaison Group. The group’s operation is described in the following standing order:

There shall be a Graduate Liaison Group consisting of students reading for higher degrees, and the Director and Deputy Director of Graduate Studies. One or two of the junior members should be following the MSc in Applied Statistics.

Liaison Group members shall be elected from amongst graduate students admitted by the Statistics Department and graduate students following the MSc in Applied Statistics. Nominations and self-nominations shall be invited by circulating these graduate students electronically in the second week of Michaelmas Term. The Liaison Group shall have the power to co-opt junior members such that membership is complete. The Liaison Group may operate, if necessary, without its full complement of places having been filled.

The Liaison Group shall be concerned with matters such as the syllabus, teaching arrangements, library facilities, office facilities, and the general aspects of examinations. I

The Deputy Director of Graduate Studies shall be the Chair of the Liaison Group. The Academic Administrator or another member of Statistics Department staff shall act as secretary. The minutes of the Committee shall be forwarded to the Departmental Committee.

The Liaison Group shall be able as of right to address a communication direct to the Departmental Committee, the Graduate Research Committee and the Teaching Committee of the Department depending on the matters involved.

Unless the Chair shall order otherwise, the Liaison Group shall meet at 1pm on Wednesday in the fourth week of each Full Term.


MSc in Statistical Science

Pawel Bednarek
Yuanheng Tang

Doctoral Students
OxWaSP Marco Palma, Fan Wu
Year 1    Frederik Soerensen (also representative to Graduate Research Committee)
Year 2     Aaron Smith
Year 3     Simon Lyddon
Year 4     Mitch Gooding
IT Rep    Paul Vanetti