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Consultations and revision classes

 All revision classes will be recorded via Panopto lecture capture. The recordings will be available on Canvas soon after the session has taken place and a direct link to the recording page will be added to this page.

Some lecturers may also be doing small group consultations and more information will follow on those and about how to sign up for them.

A12 Simulation and Statistical Programming

SB1.1 Applied Statistics

  • Friday 27th March, 10am-12pm, revision class with Dr Neil Laws (now available on Canvas here).

SB1.2 Computational Statistics

  • Monday week 4, 2pm-4pm, LG.01, revision class with Prof. Frank Windmeijer.

SB2.1 Foundations of Statistical Inference

SB2.2 Statistical Machine Learning

SB3.1 Applied Probability

  • Tuesday weeks 3 and 4, 11am-1pm, LG.01, revision classes going through 2018 (week 3) and 2019 (week 4) exam papers, with Prof. Julien Berestycki.

SB3.2 Statistical Lifetime Models

  • Monday week 2 and 4, 11.30am-12.30pm, LG.01, revision classes going through 2018 (week 2) and 2019 (week 4) exam papers, with Prof. David Steinsaltz.
  • Monday week 3 and 5, 11.30am-12.30pm, LG.01, consultation sessions, with Prof. David Steinsaltz. Please e-mail Prof. David Steinsaltz with questions beforehand, specifying the session you will be attending.

SB4.1 Actuarial Science

  • Monday 23rd March, 10am-12pm, revision class with Dr Matthias Winkel (now available on Canvas here).

SC1 Stochastic Models in Mathematical Genetics

SC2 Probability and Statistics for Network Analysis

  • Friday 3rd April, 3pm-5pm, revision class going through 2018 SC2 exam paper with James Wilsenach.

SC4 Advanced Topics in Statistical Machine Learning

SC5 Advanced Simulation Methods

  • Wednesday weeks 2 and 3, 2pm-4pm, revision classes and consultations. More details to follow.

SC7 Bayes Methods

SC9 Interacting Particle Systems

SC10 Algorithmic Foundations of Learning

  • Tuesday week 2 and 3, 9am-11am, LG.01, revision classes and consultations, week 2 going through mock exam papers dated 04-04-2019, week 3 going through 2019 Part C exam paper and 2019 MSc in Statistical Science exam paper, with Prof. Patrick Rebeschini. Please go to: for more information and how to submit particular questions.

Link to the Mathematical Institute consultation and revision classes.