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Statistical Genetics and Epidemiology

What we do

Statistical and Population Genetics and Genomics

The group carries out research broadly in the area of Statistical and Population Genetics and Genomics. We are interested in developing statistical methods, theory and computational tools and software that solve problems, and help others make discoveries, in the areas of human disease genetics, population genetics and imaging-genetics. There is a close connection with the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics. Members of the group have played central roles in some of the most important international collaborative projects in human genetics such as the HapMap Project, the Wellcome Trust Case-Control Consortium, the 1000 Genomes Project, the People of the British Isles Project, the Haplotype Reference Consortium, UK Biobank and the 100,000 Genomes Project.

Who we are

Academic Staff

Research Staff


  • Christopher Gill
  • Daniel Wells
  • Simone Rubinacci
  • Matthew Kerin
  • Russel Chan
  • Sinan Shi
  • Juba Nait Saada
  • Brian Zhang


  • Victoria Hore, Ana Viñuela, Alfonso Buil, Julian Knight, Mark I McCarthy, Kerrin Small, Jonathan Marchini. Tensor decomposition for multi-tissue gene expression experiments. Nature Genetics 10.1038/ng.3624 [Software]
  • Andrew Dahl, Valentina Iotchkova, Amelie Baud, Åsa Johansson, Ulf Gyllensten, Nicole Soranzo, Richard Mott, Andreas Kranis, Jonathan Marchini. A multiple phenotype imputation method for genetic studies. Nature Genetics doi:10.1038/ng.3513 [R package]
  • P. Palamara, J. Terhorst, Y. Song, A. Price. High-throughput inference of pairwise coalescence times identifies signals of selection and enriched disease heritability. Nature Genetics, 2018.
  • P. Palamara, T. Lencz, A. Darvasi, I. Pe’er. Length distributions of identity by descent reveal fine-scale demographic history. The American Journal of Human Genetics. 2012.