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Oxford Protein Informatics Group (OPIG)

What we do

In OPIG, our research interests cover several areas in the field of protein structure and interaction networks, combining both theoretical work and empirical analyses. Of particular interest are the concepts of protein structure evolution, protein folding and structure prediction, as well as understanding the structure and evolution of protein interaction networks.

Who we are

Academic Staff

Research Staff

  • Fergus Boyles
  • Oliver Crook
  • Claire Marks
  • Daniel Nissley (Florence Nightingale Fellow)
  • Matthew Raybould
  • Ruben Sanchez


  • Eoin Malins


  • Patrick Brennab
  • Lucian Chan
  • Mark Chonofsky
  • An Goto
  • Tom Hadfield
  • Fergus Imrie
  • Aleksandr Kovaltsuk
  • Marc Moesser
  • Carlos Outeiral Rubiera
  • Javier Pardo Diaz
  • Matthew Raybould
  • Eve Richardson
  • Sarah Robinson
  • Jack Scantlebury
  • Constantin Schneider
  • Dominik Schwartz
  • Conor Wild
  • James Wilsenach
  • Wing Ki (Catherine) Wong