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Computational Statistics & Machine Learning (OxCSML)

What we do

The members of the Computational Statistics and Machine Learning Group (OxCSML) have research interests spanning Statistical Machine Learning, Monte Carlo Methods and Computational Statistics, Statistical Methodology and Applied Statistics

Research in Statistical Machine Learning spans Bayesian probabilistic and optimization based learning of graphical models, nonparametric models and deep neural networks, and complements research in Monte Carlo methods for related classes of problems. Researchers in Statistical Methods develop very general statistical methodology.

Research in Applied Statistics motivates the more theoretical work in this group and some staff focus on developing statistical methodology ‘on demand’ in a wide range of application domains.


Academic staff

Research Staff

  • M. Azim Ansari
  • Marco Battiston
  • Benjamin Bloem-Reddy
  • Yunlong Jiao
  • Luke Kelly
  • Juho Lee
  • George Nicholson
  • Konstantina Palla
  • Tom Rainforth
  • Andrew Roth
  • Chieh-Hsi  (Jessie) Wu